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A report titled The International Migrant Stock 2019 was released in New York on 17 September by the United Nations Department of Population of Economic and Social Affairs

According to this report, in the year 2019, the number of Indian migrants globally is 17.5 million, the number of migrants was 15.9 million in 2015.

The largest population of diaspora in India lives in the United Arab Emirates and the United States, 34.2 lack diaspora in the United Arab Emirates.

Although India still remains the best source of international migrants, Bangladesh has the largest number of international migrants in India.

According to the report, the estimated number of international migrants has reached 272 million in the year 2019, which is fifty one million more than in 2010.The share of international migrants in the ratio of total global population was 2.8% in the year 2000 which has currently increased to 3.5% level.

According to the population division of UNDSA, one third of all international migrants have originated in 10 countries.After India, Mexico is at the second place with 11.8 million migrants, followed by China Russia and Syria, the number of migrants has increased by 23% during the last decade.

The highest number of international migrants was recorded in Europe during the year 2019, followed by the number of migrants in North America and North Africa and West Asia.

The largest number of migrants at the country level resides in the United States, which is about 19 percent of the global migrants, followed by Germany and Saudi Arabia, and 13 million migrants in both countries.

According to the report, about two-fifths of all international migrants are a developing country and have moved to another developing country.

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